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SPIDER NEWS NETWORK is a complete and powerful news management system which gives you complete control over how your news is managed and is displayed. SPIDER NEWS provides software solutions & services to help journalists & interactive content producers to streamline news and production workflows.

SPIDER NEWS is a leading producer of newsroom computer systems in TV broadcast. Founded on the principle that journalists should enjoy making news, SPIDER NEWS produces the software that broadcasters use to deliver the fastest, most complete and interesting news in the world. From reporter to editor and from editor to producer, we help users daily to bring the latest and the fastest news on air.

SPIDER NEWS is a platform-independent, cost-effective news management system that natively runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. SPIDER NEWS offersconvenience, speed and ease of use at every stage of the newscast preparation process.

SPIDER NEWS provides the tools for journalists in TV newsrooms to fulfill all aspects of the news delivery workflow, from browsing and searching source material to writing scripts and preparing rundowns. It encompasses all types and scales of operations from 24/7 news networks to channels with just a few news bulletins per day.

With scalability, modularity, support for a wide range of languages, multi-platform publishing and open architecture, SPIDER NEWS can be used in any newsroom, no matter what the size, language or workflow is. SPIDER NEWS Server is placed in the middle of the news production and, as a key system, connects all other systems in the newsroom such as automation, graphics and Teleprompters together through the industry standard MOS protocol.

Building upon the success of SPIDER NEWS, SPIDER 8 not only has additional new features but also some upgraded SPIDER NEWS tools that are now partof SPIDER 8 . New features include a powerful planning tool of Assignment Desk, Graphical – Reporting (MIS) that tracks the volume of story creation and SPIDER 8 Social Media Section allowing working directly with social media and SPIDER 8 Event-based Actions that allows configuring the rules that trigger automatic tasks within SPIDER 8 .

SPIDER NEWS NETWORK was established in 2013 and has shown tremendous market growth in the region. The secret behind our success is our passion forlatest technologies and trends in the broadcast industry and our excellent customer service. Our core values are flexibility and reliability. At SPIDER NEWS , we always put our customers first. We understand that every customer is unique and therefore deserves our individual attention. Our customers’ success is the best motivator for us.

Nazim Iqbal

Thank you for reading this message and taking the time to view our website. We truly do appreciate you considering Spider News Networks for your Enterprise Modernization needs.

Most CEO messages talk about the earnings, layoffs, changes in corporate direction, the strength of its people and appreciation of its customers. While all of these are important and have their place, we’d like to talk about what we believe to be our greatest differentiator, our values.

At Spider News Networks, our values are more than simply words written to appear politically correct, address a business demographic or demonstrate social responsibility. We believe that to truly understand a company’s values, you need to look at what they actually do rather than what they say they do. Our values are the foundation upon which Spider News Networks was founded, the measure by which we make decisions and the path that guides our actions.

The ethos of the Spider News values can be expressed in the statement, “The constant and relentless pursuit of delivering value to our customers through integrity, objectivity and partnerships”.

Delivering Value:

It seems as if every company espouses that they deliver value to their customers. Most will do this in a proposal response or at the outset of an engagement. However this metric becomes a distant memory as the engagement progresses through the lifecycle. At Spider News, we rigorously and continually measure value at each stage of the engagement. This metric drives our strategic decisions and tactical actions.


In our industry, integrity gets clouded by differing goals and objectives. The term, “corporate” is often used to justify actions that deflect accountability. At Spider News Networks, when we agree to a course of action, either contractually or verbally, you have our word. Our word is our reputation. Our reputation is our brand.


Providing objective data to make informed decisions is not a catch phrase at Spider News Networks. It is something that you will hear from us continually. In any engagement, assumptions change as part of the lifecycle. Not assessing those changes and providing alternatives and recommendations does not deliver the value that was envisioned. At Spider News Networks, we provide that objective data that is in your best interest and not ours.

Thank you again for taking the time to read this information. We realize you have choices in your Enterprise Modernization efforts. Compare us against others. Contact our references. We think you’ll realize that there is no better choice than Spider News Networks.

Nazim Iqbal, CEO